Curious about cats? Lintbells has some answers

Veterinary teams have, for a long time, appreciated the need to support cat owners to recognise the signs of illness in their pets and to bring them to the practice for treatment. It is estimated that 40% of cats have not visited a vet in the last year compared to only 15% of dogs.* Lintbells, […]

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‘For the Love of Dogs’ to be sponsored by YuMOVE

Lintbells has announced that its flagship brand YuMOVE will sponsor ITV’s ‘For the Love of Dogs’. The programme is watched by 18% of the UK’s adult population and will help raise awareness of joint health, bringing the role of pet supplements to the attention of millions of pet owners. The series starts on 31st October […]

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Firework fear is an issue for cats too says Lintbells

Cats may be just as likely as dogs to experience firework fear but their owners are less able to recognise the behaviour.1 Cat owners are also less likely to use common techniques adopted by dog owners, such as distraction, to help calm their cat.1 Making cat owners aware of the help available and suggesting fear […]

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Lintbells gets excited about calming at BVNA Congress

Following on from the launch of YuCALM Cat, Lintbells, the premium natural supplements manufacturer, is making calming the focus on its stand D17 at the BVNA Congress. The newest addition to the Lintbells portfolio is proving very popular, prompting Lintbells to conclude that cat owners are becoming increasingly aware of the signs that their cat […]

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Lintbells says Mobility Matters and the profession agrees

Last year Lintbells launched the Mobility Matters initiative and it has been so successful that it is to be repeated this October, running through to early 2019. The practice support pack, which facilitates the setting up of nurse clinics for pets with stiff joints, will be expanded to accommodate cats. Lintbells’ team of Veterinary Business […]

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