‘Stand up for your profession’ Chief Army Nursing Officer keynote at BSAVA Summit

BSAVA has announced Colonel Alison McCourt OBE ARRC QHN L/QARANC as the keynote speaker on the second day of BSAVA Summit. Colonel McCourt, who was awarded an OBE in the 2015 Operational Honours and Awards list for her outstanding contribution to the fight against Ebola in Sierra Leone, will kick start day two of BSAVA […]

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New Xenograft procedure restores Pepe’s vision

Image shows Pepe five months after the operation on his eye

A newly developed type of Xenograft has restored vision in a Chihuahua’s extensively damaged cornea. Pepe was initially diagnosed with a shallow corneal ulcer, but within four days the eye had deteriorated significantly and he was referred as an emergency to the ophthalmology department at Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies). Initial PresentationImmediate post-operative4-week post-op recheck5 month […]

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Vets can lead best practice with ground-breaking point of care UTI test

Image shows the Test and Treat kit

A new urine test, U-Treat, has been developed by British scientist Ron Turner and could change how vets approach cases of suspected urinary infections in dogs and cats. The technology is launching in veterinary practice and has potential to cross over into human medicine. The patient-side test identifies urinary tract infection (UTI) and the best […]

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Chubby learns new eating habits to manage megaoesophagus

The Internal Medicine Team at Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies) have taught French Bulldog Chubby to eat in an upright position to help manage his dilated and dysfunctional oesophagus. Chubby was a particularly unusual patient having been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis but uncommonly showing no signs of muscle weakness other than megaoesophagus. Chubby was referred to […]

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nutravet offer free marketing materials for authorised practices ahead of fireworks night

To help authorised veterinary practices support pet owners during fireworks season, nutravet has made available a range of free marketing materials to raise awareness of their high-quality, fast acting calming supplement, nutracalm. During autumn, stress in pets is a common reason for pet owners to worry and visit their vet and nutravet’s free marketing materials, […]

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