‘Inside Twycross Zoo’ video series

Ever wondered what it’s like to work as a vet at one of the UK’s biggest zoos?

Interested in wildlife, conservation, animals and veterinary science?

Twycross Zoo is releasing a six-part series of behind-the-scenes videos on its website, inviting audiences to view some of the 500 animals in its care, and the people that keep the zoo running from day to day. The videos explore the role of the zoo’s keepers and veterinary team, as well as the research, conservation, education and animal training that takes place.

Twycross Zoo is passionately committed to teaching its visitors about global wildlife conservation. The zoo is actively involved in pioneering research studies, training some of the UK’s future veterinarians, and educating tens of thousands of school children who come through its gates. Sitting close to three English counties, the zoo is also a major employer in the rural countryside, developing the careers of over 250 staff, maintaining its authority as a centre of excellence in animal care.

Inside Twycross Zoo – Part 2: Vets

In the second of the five-part series, Sarah Chapman, Head of Veterinary Sciences describes the challenges of being a zoo vet, explains why is it a job she loves and introduces the Zoo’s unique partnership with the vet school at University of Nottingham.

Twycross Zoo is a Clinical Associate Partner of the University of Nottingham and provides practical experience for over 100 final year veterinary students every year.  They carry out a clinical, assessed rotation specifically focusing on zoo animal medicine.

Video link: http://twycrosszoo.org/about-us/videos/

Credit: Janno Productions


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