Synomics Announces Partnership with Mars Petcare to Enhance Understanding of Canine Diseases

Synomics, the biological insights technology start-up, has confirmed a new partnership with Mars Petcare to produce canine disease risk prediction models and therefore enhancing the understanding of canine diseases all together.

The new partnership will see Synomics utilise its proprietary technology to analyse Mars Petcare’s multi-layer anonymised datasets to develop scoring models for prediction of an individual pet’s risk of developing a condition.

The scoring models developed by Synomics will ultimately help improve the wellbeing of pets by enabling deeper insight into a pet’s genetic health and predispositions and its risk factor towards a variety of common diseases, enabling owners to monitor and manage conditions more effectively.

Commenting on the partnership, Rebecca Chodroff Foran, Ph.D. (Head of R&D at Wisdom Panel, the world leader in pet genetics, maker of Wisdom Panel™ pet DNA tests, and part of Kinship Partners, Inc., a division of Mars Petcare) said: “Similar to humans, pets suffer from many chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and arthritis that affect their wellbeing on a daily basis.  Early understanding of an individual animal’s risk may enable proactive monitoring by veterinary professionals as well as supporting pet owners with decisions on diet, lifestyle and management.”

Peter Kristensen, Synomics’ CEO and Managing Partner at Grosvenor Food & AgTech, Synomics’ main shareholder, said: “Grosvenor has a strong relationship with the Mars organisation and we’re delighted they recognise the value Synomics and its technology can bring to further enhance the great work already happening at Mars. 

“This is a breakthrough announcement for Synomics and we look forward to working with the team at Mars Petcare in the coming months.”

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