Partnership Boosts Business Resources for Practices

Veterinary digital content specialist Vetstream has increased the range of business support resources it offers to veterinary practices through its user-friendly Vetacademy elearning platform with a link up with elearning specialist MicroLearn.

Vetstream’s Vetacademy provides the practice team with the ability to search and select from more than 300 clinical courses from the world’s leading training and CPD providers. Following Vetstream’s partnership with MicroLearn, vets, nurses, practice managers and the reception team can also now learn from more than 120 business training modules on topics including Customer Service, Management and Leadership and Workplace Wellbeing. In each module, learners watch a short video before participating in interactive content to support their learning.  They are also given tasks or questions to complete to trigger activities or to help them to practice new skills and learn from experience or reflection.

Commenting on the partnership with MicroLearn, Vetstream’s Business Development Manager Ms Sharon Tongue said: “In today’s highly competitive market, running a successful practice requires more than excellent clinical skills.  It also requires a high level of business acumen and experience – yet this is an area is not a major focus during undergraduate training for vets and vet nurses because the curriculum is so full.

“As a practice manager for many years, I quickly realised the importance of developing business-focused knowledge and skills to help me stay abreast of the range of areas I was responsible for.  As a result, when I joined Vetstream, I was determined to find a comprehensive set of resources that would help vets, nurses and practice managers to get up to speed quickly – even across a wide range of practice management areas.

“The MicroLearn modules are a great solution so we are delighted to add them to our portfolio of business management elearning tools.  They are also the perfect complement to Vetlexicon’s Practis online reference service for practice managers. Practices can choose a module on a specific topic or earn a 20% discount by buying a group of modules in a related area.  We are also offering them in bulk to vet practice groups and veterinary associations.

“We hope our subscribers will enjoy learning from them and that their colleagues will benefit from the new knowledge and ideas they bring to the practice as a result.”

Alison Soper, Creative Director at MicroLearn, commented: “We’re excited to have partnered with the team at Vetstream to offer its subscribers, both in the UK and as an Educational Partner of the WSAVA internationally, access to our expanding catalogue of off-the-shelf learning resources. We are confident that the partnership will be an extremely successful one, utilising MicroLearn’s expertise in creating bite-sized learning to support a blended curriculum with Vetstream’s experience and reputation within the veterinary market.”

The modules are available at https://vetacademy.org/collections/microlearn