New veterinary retreat helps vets build resilience and improve wellbeing

Roaches Hall

Roaches Hall

EMERGE Veterinary has announced the dates and released tickets for the Change Catalyst Veterinary Retreat. Held at Roaches Hall, a beautiful gritstone manor house on the Derbyshire/Staffordshire border, this residential personal wellbeing retreat for vets will be held 15-17th May 2018. Following the course, participants will receive three months of personal 1-2-1 coaching.

Working in partnership with Natural Change, a social enterprise with over two decades of study and course delivery in the field, the Change Catalyst Veterinary Retreat draws on the well-established fields of eco-psychology, group dynamics and outdoor learning.

The 2-day Retreat is held in a beautiful setting and, working mainly outside, participants will be expertly guided through a series of activities and practices that draw on the transformative potential of nature. They will be introduced to some simple, yet highly effective, nature based techniques to look after their wellbeing and to reflect on their personal or professional journey. Three months of personal coaching after the event will help reinforce and embed these changes or assist in developing the insights gained during the retreat.

Quite unlike any other personal development courses offered to vets, this course is aimed at vets who are at a career crossroads, making major decisions about the direction of their career or for those looking for an opportunity to help develop capacity, build resilience and to improve wellbeing. It offers time and space to get away from everyday concerns, re-energise and focus on what really matters as well as helping vets reflect, refresh and reconnect with nature.

A maximum of 16 participants will work with two facilitators to ensure an exceptional quality of experience and the whole process is gently and expertly facilitated and supported. The follow up coaching is one to one, personal, and confidential. 

Director, Adrian Nelson-Pratt comments, “Vets have well documented challenges with work-life balance that lead to a disconnection from the natural world. Feelings of isolation, loss of career direction or in the worst-case, deterioration in physical and mental health can follow. Having experienced the Natural Change process myself, I found it a deeply reflective and restorative experience. It allowed me the time and space to develop some new ideas and to re-invigorate myself. The Change Catalyst Vet Retreat is the result of this process for me and I think it’s a powerful tool to support vets on a personal and professional level. It’s also an appropriate contribution to your annual CPD requirement. ”

Tickets are available at https://www.emerge-veterinary.com/join-us/the-change-catalyst/ or for more information and to arrange a chat, contact adrian@emerge-veterinary.com

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