Southampton Vet’s Book a Finalist for The People’s Book Prize

Max Tuck

Max Tuck

A book written by a Southampton vet on the importance of bone health is a finalist in the non-fiction category of The People’s Book Prize, a national competition aimed at showcasing new writers.

Senior Veterinary Surgeon Miss Max Tuck BVet Med, MRCVS has worked at the Animed Veterinary Hospital in Shedfield, part of the CVS Group, for almost 30 years and is Joint Head of the Small Animal Department.  She faced significant health challenges during the 1990s which she reversed through huge lifestyle and diet changes.  Based on this experience, the central message of her book ‘Love Your Bones’ is that men and women of all ages can take control of their ‘structural system’ and, in so doing, have the opportunity to reverse some health problems.

She wrote the book in six months during 2015 and says it offers a practical guide to preventative health, backed up by scientific references to support its recommendations and with bone-strengthening exercises and recipes an integral part.  As part of the fitness regime she has embraced since her illness, she has completed three marathons; achieved a black belt in Karate and climbed mountains including Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa in 2012.

Max said: “I wrote the book while working ten hour days in practice and running 50 miles every week as I was in training for the 2015 Brighton Marathon.  Looking back, I don’t really know how I did it, but I thrive on pressure and always need a new target to aim at.  Given my own experience and that of my mother who suffers with osteoporosis, I became very interested in bone health and the steps we could all take to improve our overall health.  After all, a healthy lifestyle doesn’t just benefit our bones, it also protects us from other degenerative diseases.”

“When my publisher told me she had entered Love Your Bones for the People’s Book Prize, I was very excited, especially when I later found I’d had enough votes to make the final of the non-fiction category. I’m delighted to have made it this far but, to win, would obviously be even better so I’d be really grateful if any of my veterinary colleagues feel able to vote for me.  It only takes a minute!”

She added: “I’m already working on my next book which is a more personal story about my health problems and my journey to overcome them.”

More information of Love Your Bones is available at http://www.loveyourbones.info/

Winners of the People’s Book Prize are chosen by public vote with a closing date of Sunday 10 July 2016.    Full details are available at http://www.peoplesbookprize.com/finalist.php


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