Agriculture – Still The Most Dangerous Industry in the UK

Agriculture has long been one of the most dangerous industries to work in. Across the world, farming & agricultural accident rates refuse to fall, contributing factors include the use of heavy machinery, industrial equipment & animals.

In 2014 the HSA figures reveal an 87% jump with 30 people killed in 2014 compared to 16 in 2013. It is important to note that the agricultural sector represented 55% of all work related deaths in 2014 and it was the fifth consecutive year that the sector recorded the highest number of fatalities.

Martin O’Halloran, CEO of the Health & Safety Authority commented:

‘The number of fatal accidents that occurred on farms last year was the highest in over 20 years. In may of 2014 there were five people killed’

Will Best, of PAT Labels Online, the leading online supplier of Health & Safety Labels commented:

There are many electrical risks which face farmers and agricultural workers, the reliance on both portable and fixed electrical equipment in often cluttered outbuildings & barns means that up to date and regular maintenance & testing is essential. Electrical equipment in a dangerous condition can cause disruption, damage and huge losses in buildings, equipment & livestock.

With the increase in the size of agricultural machinery, strikes with overhead power lines are also a very real risk to workers. The safest practice would be to avoid overhead power lines altogether, however if you have to work near them, make sure everyone working is fully aware of their whereabouts.



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