Dorwest Say Relax

The ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ Firework Phobia campaign sparks into life this autumn, grabbing the attention of thousands of pet owners. This time round Dorwest’s efforts to get the word out are being supported by TV presenter Michaela Strachan who has concerns about her own dog’s reaction to fireworks, My dog Toto is absolutely terrified of firework noise, he usually ends up shaking and hiding in a dark cupboard. Its always been hard to know how to help him, so being able to give him a Dorwest herbal remedy to calm him down is a fantastic solution and I fully support their campaign to make more pet owners aware that help is available.


There are also new look point of sale materials and leaflets to help vet practices and retailers to support the initiative. Once again Dr Monkey, the charismatic Border Terrier, will be adding his woof to the debate on the blogosphere, encouraging pet owners to make sure that their pet stays relaxed and mellow throughout the firework season.


Pet owners eagerly viewed Dr Monkey’s diary of his day-to-day life leading up to firework night last year. The personality of the cheeky Border Terrier shone through and the blog highlighted just how easy it was for Dr Monkey and his friends to stay calm and relaxed in the face of firework fears and phobias, albeit with a little help from Dorwest’s herbal treatments. See Dr Monkey on Facebook, Twitter and at http://dorwestdrmonkey.blogspot.comfrom mid September and don’t forget to bring his amusing yet educational antics to the attention of pet owners.


The campaign’s positive approach emphasises how pets can be helped to adopt a laidback attitude and the theme is developed in new leaflets with updated advice in an easy to read format. To help stockists make a big noise with the campaign there is a ‘Dorwest Say Relax’ fireworks promo kit containing leaflets, leaflet holder, poster, shelf wobbler and stickers, which will be sent on request free of charge from Dorwest while stocks last. Simply contact Dorwest, telephone 01308 897272 or email


For those that like to take the technical approach there is a new technical sheet describing the likely mode of action of Scullcap & Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound with information on some of the latest published studies.


With a recent survey showing that over 90 per cent of customers would buy these products again, Scullcap and Valerian Tablets and Organic Valerian Compound are set to fly off the shelves during the busy firework period, so remember to stock up early!