New CT Scanner for The Mobile Vet

Image shows John Knight, Director of the Mobile Vet, standing next to the CT scanner with a patient

John Knight Director of The Mobile Vet ‘The Mobile Vet’, based in the Isle of Wight, is proud to announce the addition of a CT Scanner to their practice; the latest adoption in a string of innovative investments. After many negotiations and risk assessments, The Mobile Vet has, for the last 3 years, been using […]

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Chubby learns new eating habits to manage megaoesophagus

The Internal Medicine Team at Davies Veterinary Specialists (Davies) have taught French Bulldog Chubby to eat in an upright position to help manage his dilated and dysfunctional oesophagus. Chubby was a particularly unusual patient having been diagnosed with myasthenia gravis but uncommonly showing no signs of muscle weakness other than megaoesophagus. Chubby was referred to […]

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