Communications course could transform veterinary professionals

A new communications course provided by Longview CPD Ltd. is scheduled for October in Wiltshire and uses ‘super-learning’ techniques to make a difference not just to how people communicate, but how they feel. The two day course, hosted by Longview co-founders, Samantha Lindley and Kay Watson-Bray, and presented by internationally acclaimed speaker, Jeff Perlis, aims to help people across all job roles, but particularly veterinary teams, to communicate more confidently.

Jeff Perlis will be flying over from the US for the event along with his logistics director who has also worked with worked with motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

Jeff says that people leaving his seminars ‘walk taller’ and, of the course, he says:

“It’s not only about using new techniques, but leaving feeling like a version of yourself that is better able to connect with other people.”

Part of those techniques involve “before and after” videos to allow participants to see how much they improved after the two day training.

The course is also suitable for sales professionals working in the veterinary industry. Jeff has worked extensively with people who sell to experts and who sometimes suffer from ‘imposter syndrome’ i.e. they tend to doubt their own credentials and ability to engage with key opinion leaders.

He says: “It’s an absolute joy to me when I can make the lightbulb go on for other people and help them become more confident communicators.”

Longview CPD Founder and vet, Samantha Lindley, says the whole course is designed around helping people to feel confident, competent and comfortable. The aim is to help people to enjoy and not just to endure communicating.

“People may be inclined to think that such a course is all about lecturing and presenting, but, as veterinary professionals we are sometimes called on to give comments on radio and TV; to give expert evidence in court and to motivate our colleagues to take up new approaches and ideas.”

After attending one of Jeff’s seminars, it’s not unusual for people to report that even their close relationships have improved as they learn to listen and communicate their point of view more effectively.

“It’s not just about doing things differently, but being different.”

The two day course takes place on 1st & 2nd October 2018 and 4th & 5th October 2018  in Overtown Manor, Wroughton, Wiltshire. The course is limited to 12 per group to ensure everyone has individual support. Superlearning techniques will be used to help people learn faster and more effectively so music, colour and exercises are used extensively in the course.

To find out more visit http://www.longviewveterinaryservices.com/confident-communications.html