Virbac launches Canergy

Because growing old doesn’t mean the fun has to stop


Due to better healthcare, dogs are now living longer than they ever have before. However, this increase in age can mean that dogs face certain physiological changes which can affect their energy levels, alertness and their willingness to engage.

‘Growing old should not have to be a barrier to enjoying life, so we are delighted to be able to add Canergy® to the Virbac portfolio ‘said Canergy® Product Manager Claire Lewis.

Canergy® is a beef flavoured, easy to give tablet which features SmartTab® divisible design. It contains propentofylline, a xanthine derivative, which potentiates the action of adenosine by blocking its cellular reuptake. Adenosine is a biologically active important molecule with a wide range of physiological effects, which can be beneficial in the management of various age-related degenerative disease in dogs and cats1.

Virbac is a unique global, family run, company dedicated exclusively to animal health for 50 years. Virbac offers a wide portfolio of innovative and award winning products that combine quality, effectiveness and convenience for veterinary surgeons, nurses, and pet owners alike.

Information on Canergy® and other products in the Virbac range is available from Virbac Limited, Woolpit Business park, Windmill Avenue, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9UP; Tel: 01359 243243  Email: enquires@virbac.co.uk W: www.virbac.co.uk


References   1 R.J. Scaramuzzi, D.J. Baker, Possible Therapeutic benefits of adenosine-potentiating drugs in reducing age-related degenerative disease in dogs and cats, J. Vet Pharmacol. therap (2003); 26:327-335

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