Dogs Need Healthy Snacks Too!

If you love your dog, you probably love to reward him or her with a snack. Recent surveys show that 76% of UK dog owners feed their pet snacks but 84% of dog owners want their pet’s snack to be healthy 1,2. Pet owners may know that bad feeding habits could be the reason why […]

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Learn for Free with Hill’s

To start the CPD year off with a topic that’s relevant to every practice, Hill’s is launching a Spring 2010 Vet Roadshow with a focus on the vomiting and diarrhoea patient. The speaker is Dr Jill Maddison BVSc DipVetClinStud PhD FACVSc MRCVS from the RVC who will help clinicians take a fresh look at GI […]

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Dorwest Herbs has welcomed recent research that suggests a highly rational mode of action for kelp seaweed as an aid in the treatment of obesity when used alongside a weight reduction diet. The company is asking vets and nurses to look at the evidence and consider using licensed herbal medicines to help cats and dogs […]

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Up to 4 million dogs and numerous cats are likely to take fright this fireworks night. Fear and phobia in pets related to fireworks is common and affected animals can show a range of behaviours: shaking, hiding or running away and destructive impulses. According to canine behaviourists, up to 1.6 million dogs suffer from noise […]

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Dogs on the Move

A recent survey* has shown that although one dog in six suffers from travel sickness, only two out of five people ask their vet for help with the problem.  In many cases this doesn’t stop people from travelling and dogs prone to the condition can be, on average, sick five times a year during journeys. […]

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